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4×4 Accessory Fitment

4×4 Accessories Here at Moremi 4×4 Accessories, we can fit any of the accessories you purchase from us (and even those you didn’t) to your select utility vehicle.  Contact us today for a quote.

4x4 community - moremi 4x4

4×4 Accessories – Bumpers

4×4 Accessories. If you love going on wild 4×4 rides, or just drive a large vehicle, a proper bumper is an important accessory to your 4×4 vehicle that you need.  Not only is it safer for you and your vehicle, it also looks very nice.

4x4 community - moremi 4x4


4×4 Accessories Gullwings is such an interesting word.  We customise your gullwings for you, even adding a shovel if you want one there (foto van gullwing met graaf), or whatever you want!


Part of the 4×4 community

Moremi 4×4 Accessories is part of the 4×4 community in South Africa, meaning that we know what works best on which vehicle.  If you aren’t sure or you are having doubts, ask us now. We know what we are doing, and we are among the best.

Newly designed website!

Welcome to our newly launched and designed website. Here at Moremi 4×4 Accessories, we specialise in 4×4 accessories, fitment and custom jobs on your utility vehicle.