Moremi 4×4 Accessories

Here at Moremi 4×4 Accessories, we supply and fit various accessories for your 4×4 vehicle. We supply gullwings, custom make drawer systems for your vehicle, supply cupholders and much, much more. We also fit these accessories to your vehicle, meaning that you do not have… Read More »Moremi 4×4 Accessories

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Gullwings are usefull in the modern age, because when you are out there camping, or busy with a job, you cannot afford to waste time looking for items. At Moremi 4×4 Accessories, we install custom gullwings in your 4×4 vehicle for a variety of purposes.… Read More »Gullwings

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Stylish Fitting

At M4x4 we no only sell a variety of 4×4 items, such as snorkels, gullwings and cupholders, we also fit them into your 4×4 vehicle. We offer an all-in-one service, so you don’t have to go looking for a specialist to fit your vehicle.

Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent

Look at these nicely fitted Moremi Sport Rooftop Tents on any 4×4 vehicle or even a camping trailer. This little rooftop tent brings you close to nature, where you can hear the birds chirp you awake and the lions roar you asleep at night.

Kyleu Bushcamp

Our sister website custom canopies (Custom Canopies and Trailers) currently has a fantastic promotion going on – buy any Moremi Sport Rooftop Tent (pictures below) and get a voucher for a completely free weekend at Kyleu Bushcamp, valid until August 2021. your voucher will be… Read More »Kyleu Bushcamp

Our favourite place

Our favourite place is outside! In the bushveld, in the wild, where the water is merciless and your car becomes filthy with mud. Cleaning isn’t that nice, but getting it that dirty is!

4×4 Adventures

4×4 Adventures Being a 4×4 owner and outdoor enthusiast is never easy, but with your very own 4×4 utility vehicle kitted out to handle even the toughest terrains is one massive advantage. You can show off your custom installed suspension on the rough roads, your… Read More »4×4 Adventures

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Take a breath and relax

Just like you need to take a breath when times get tough, your utility vehicle also needs a snorkel, to ensure a clean engine and safe travels.